Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Just got into an argument with some random dude on the street. What's up with that? Listen to this.

i'm walking home, minding my own business. i absolutely hate my neighborhood and everyone who lives in said neighborhood. it ridic how annoying these people can get -_- So, besides that. I am on my way home and i come off the train. i walk towards my block, listening to whatever song was playing. so this random hick goes "hello princesa. can i give you my number?"

really, mister? you may be dominican and you may be cute but come on. i'm a child. grow some balls and gain some decency. get the hell off the street. (i didnt say that by the way)

but still, i was offended. so, as an act of retaliation, i open my big, fat american mouth. i calmly yelled "uhm no, mister. i'm like fourteen years old. i HATE when EVERY GUY on this block hits on me. why dont i try HITTING on you?! how would yu like that, huh?! HUH?!

there's this deep moment of silence and everyone - i do mean EVERYONE - on the block turned their heads and was all in our conversation. i felt so accomplished :) but yea. then, he refused to answer me. so again i calmly shouted "answer me!" and him and his friends walked away. i walked all the way home with everyone on my block staring at me. i hope i dont get labeled "The Crazy Girl who cursed out the Dominican Hick." That'd be embarrassing. I'm so proud of myself !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

keep it simple stupid

i continued drinking from a bottle four years after birth.
i can sing in portuguese, spanish, and english ;)
polyvore is like my favorite site.
I have up to 12 email adresses and i only use 3 of them.
my father is the reason im so nuts. he had ocd now i have it -_-
i love my baby brother <3
i really think faeries are the coolest creatures ever.
i sing in the shower because i HONESTLY sound better :)
i eat 2 full meals a day. lunch and dinner (and snacks in between o_O)
i love dominican food, dominican guys, and of course dominican parties !
i wash my hair in this pattern:
Monday and so on...=]

i appreciate those who appreciate me.
i like the name zulia.
everyday i alternate between three brands and scents of deodorants.
i love graphic design - creating, decorating,and arranging is just cool to me.
making bracelets never gets old ;)
i really wanna be in a bad!
i tried to keep this post simple, but look what happened.
i love yuu guys..<3

Friday, May 28, 2010

nice ones, cute dresses, prom dresses, cheap ones too =]

dress shopping is a hassle lmao. i hate it with a passion. but today...i see this dress in blue. HATED IT. i see this beige one and i go " wow look adri, it's so cute. and simple tambien" she laughed and told me to try it on. i did, and it fit fine except for the fact that my boobs were too big. i shall get it altered...=]

so i get this dress. it looks like this. the model wears black shoes so i want to wear it as she does. just the way it says here =] any advice on which color shoes i should wear?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And he keeps jugando con my mind, my mind, my mind, my mind.

Just say what the HELL you feel! I'm tired of the "es que no se como decirlo pero...." or the "a mi, yo no se si podemos ser algo mas que amigos." Yes, you do know! I know you do. Stop being dumb. one day, we have a connection. the next day, i cant even get your attention. not that i want it anyway. i just want you to notice me a little. talk to me a little. love me a that too much to ask.? oye vamos muchacho! por que no tengo tiempo para tus juegos. tengo sentimientos para ti. sentimientos fuertes. y si me dices que no, me rompes el corazon. i hate being so taken back by someone -____-

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tears are only half of it.

i cry a lot. im just realizing this as im eating the rest of the nutella in this container. i swear im so strong and i question people a lot. why are you crying? i always look back and say "what a stupid question?!" because i know that i'd cry if it were me. tears are only half of it. pain too. there's so much behind why i cry as much as i do. i cry when people lie to me. i absolutely HATE a liar with everything in me. i've lied sometime in my life, but i try not to do it at all. when you lie to someone, you pretty much disrespect them. so i guess i've been disrespected a lot of times. i cry when someone loves me but its hard for me to admit that, in reality, i love them back. that's only happened twice in my life but come fifteen guys. it's bound to happen again. i always cry when people dont have respect for the people i put and keep in my life. i cry when a song pretty much describes my feelings. i also tend to cry when i fail a test or something, which is rare. i hide my emotions and it eats me up inside. i learned that crying helps you cope with things. i'd describe my tears as transparent, clear water droplets with just enough visibility for anyone to see my fears.. so just cry. thats the best solution.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

music, musica, la musique.

so here goes. there are at least 10 albums that i LOVE right now. recommendations are definitely my thing, so go preview them in the iTunes Store or youtube them, or download them from realplayer or something. they are really good!

1) Love Travels - Angel Taylor
2) The Fame Monster - Lady Gaga
3) Secuencia - Reik
4) Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
5) Here We Go Again - Demi Lovato
6) De Mi Puño Y Letra - Carlos Baute
7) Electricidad - Jesse & Joy
8) Para Olvidarte de Mi - RBD
9) The Script - The Script
10) Un Mundo Nuevo - Manitu

saw him today...almost died

he's got 7th period lunch. i have 8th. he's not necessarily the type of guy im into, but im into him. i've fallen hard. we can't communicate that well for the mere fact that he speaks spanish as a first language and i speak it as a third language...nervous as a first language. but as long as he speaks english...we'll be fine. i was on a hunt for him today. i deeply needed to hear him speak to me; or to anyone, anyway. his voice alone sets me off. thats how obsessed i am. im not really obsessed, i just appreciate him so much. How far he's come and how kind he is. sweetheart. but heres the problem. he knows nothing about me. my name yea, but so far...NOTHIN. i usually see him before my 7th period class. today. that didnt happen. he went to lunch and i was stuck there with my friend looking all over the school for him. found him in the lunch room. YES! VICTORY. little did i know that soon...i would be way too overwhelmed with fear and start hyperventilating. what a loser i am?! i feel dumb and stupid and ughhhh!!! why does he have to be so cute and sweet and kind and funny. with that cute spanish chuckle. jeje =] but still. i couldnt breathe, literally. my friend tried to get me to talk to him but that didnt work. i felt lifeless; dead. tired of being scared of how much girls were around him. but still i didnt budge. so i marched out of the lunchroom. about to cry. went to class. cried in class. sat in the back when i usually sit in the front. so what now you ask? i give up. because if i hurt like this when we aren't even together or close to it, why try? i know its gonna be twice as hard to stay stable when we are together. if that ever happens anyway. -_- so yea, i wasted my time. partially skipped class and saw him today. then, i pretty much cried my eyes out in class and caused a distraction. i saw him today and almost died -_- im a loser.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

anyone hate liars?

so i know a girl who's a super-liar. una mentirosa as they say in Spanish-speaking countries. i've never met anyone who lies so much. and about stupid things? obvious things -_- liar liar pants on fire. what a freaking liar. i lie but not to my friends. i try not ti lie to anyone and most times, i succeed. friends are too precious to lose so i wont risk it. why lie? does she find satisfaction in that? a lie to cover up something more? something painful? it's dumb. you lie and i listen because i wanna here what bullshit you come up with. its funny because i know what it feels like to be lied to. the day i catch her in a big lie...she's gonna be in for a HUGE awakening. so, why lie bloggers? i know this isn't formspring but can someone answer that for me?

early morning blogger

writing about myself is hard. i never really capitalize words or use the write punctuation =] generally, i am lucky to have good friends, good family, and amazing thoughts. always thinking, as my dad would say. im not really deep or special. and there i go again...bad punctuation lml. i use that a lot. lml. i got it from my friend, miguel. before i was hooked on lmao, but i've grown since then haha. im writing this at like 11:23 in the pm, wednesday night. but i feel like such an early morning blogger.