Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tears are only half of it.

i cry a lot. im just realizing this as im eating the rest of the nutella in this container. i swear im so strong and i question people a lot. why are you crying? i always look back and say "what a stupid question?!" because i know that i'd cry if it were me. tears are only half of it. pain too. there's so much behind why i cry as much as i do. i cry when people lie to me. i absolutely HATE a liar with everything in me. i've lied sometime in my life, but i try not to do it at all. when you lie to someone, you pretty much disrespect them. so i guess i've been disrespected a lot of times. i cry when someone loves me but its hard for me to admit that, in reality, i love them back. that's only happened twice in my life but come on...im fifteen guys. it's bound to happen again. i always cry when people dont have respect for the people i put and keep in my life. i cry when a song pretty much describes my feelings. i also tend to cry when i fail a test or something, which is rare. i hide my emotions and it eats me up inside. i learned that crying helps you cope with things. i'd describe my tears as transparent, clear water droplets with just enough visibility for anyone to see my fears.. so just cry. thats the best solution.

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  1. I feel the exact same way.If I don't cry I have this hard lump in my throat telling me to cry.