Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And he keeps jugando con my mind, my mind, my mind, my mind.

Just say what the HELL you feel! I'm tired of the "es que no se como decirlo pero...." or the "a mi, yo no se si podemos ser algo mas que amigos." Yes, you do know! I know you do. Stop being dumb. one day, we have a connection. the next day, i cant even get your attention. not that i want it anyway. i just want you to notice me a little. talk to me a little. love me a that too much to ask.? oye vamos muchacho! por que no tengo tiempo para tus juegos. tengo sentimientos para ti. sentimientos fuertes. y si me dices que no, me rompes el corazon. i hate being so taken back by someone -____-


  1. just tell HIM how you feel,even if you have doubts that he isn't feeling the same way you are.What's the worst that could happen?He says no,and you move on!

  2. tell yourself the same and i are two different people. its easy for you to say because you're not in this predicament and you probably take rejection easier than i do, dannaliz. im crying again lmao. thats a lot best friend!