Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Just got into an argument with some random dude on the street. What's up with that? Listen to this.

i'm walking home, minding my own business. i absolutely hate my neighborhood and everyone who lives in said neighborhood. it ridic how annoying these people can get -_- So, besides that. I am on my way home and i come off the train. i walk towards my block, listening to whatever song was playing. so this random hick goes "hello princesa. can i give you my number?"

really, mister? you may be dominican and you may be cute but come on. i'm a child. grow some balls and gain some decency. get the hell off the street. (i didnt say that by the way)

but still, i was offended. so, as an act of retaliation, i open my big, fat american mouth. i calmly yelled "uhm no, mister. i'm like fourteen years old. i HATE when EVERY GUY on this block hits on me. why dont i try HITTING on you?! how would yu like that, huh?! HUH?!

there's this deep moment of silence and everyone - i do mean EVERYONE - on the block turned their heads and was all in our conversation. i felt so accomplished :) but yea. then, he refused to answer me. so again i calmly shouted "answer me!" and him and his friends walked away. i walked all the way home with everyone on my block staring at me. i hope i dont get labeled "The Crazy Girl who cursed out the Dominican Hick." That'd be embarrassing. I'm so proud of myself !


  1. lmao
    you should have said something in Spanish.
    perooo mister yo puedo ser tu hijaa

  2. i will definitely use your advice next time, love lmao.