Wednesday, June 16, 2010

keep it simple stupid

i continued drinking from a bottle four years after birth.
i can sing in portuguese, spanish, and english ;)
polyvore is like my favorite site.
I have up to 12 email adresses and i only use 3 of them.
my father is the reason im so nuts. he had ocd now i have it -_-
i love my baby brother <3
i really think faeries are the coolest creatures ever.
i sing in the shower because i HONESTLY sound better :)
i eat 2 full meals a day. lunch and dinner (and snacks in between o_O)
i love dominican food, dominican guys, and of course dominican parties !
i wash my hair in this pattern:
Monday and so on...=]

i appreciate those who appreciate me.
i like the name zulia.
everyday i alternate between three brands and scents of deodorants.
i love graphic design - creating, decorating,and arranging is just cool to me.
making bracelets never gets old ;)
i really wanna be in a bad!
i tried to keep this post simple, but look what happened.
i love yuu guys..<3

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