Wednesday, April 21, 2010

anyone hate liars?

so i know a girl who's a super-liar. una mentirosa as they say in Spanish-speaking countries. i've never met anyone who lies so much. and about stupid things? obvious things -_- liar liar pants on fire. what a freaking liar. i lie but not to my friends. i try not ti lie to anyone and most times, i succeed. friends are too precious to lose so i wont risk it. why lie? does she find satisfaction in that? a lie to cover up something more? something painful? it's dumb. you lie and i listen because i wanna here what bullshit you come up with. its funny because i know what it feels like to be lied to. the day i catch her in a big lie...she's gonna be in for a HUGE awakening. so, why lie bloggers? i know this isn't formspring but can someone answer that for me?

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